Cotton & Linen Life

Sustainable natural fabrics: Cater to the trend of sustainable development and choose comfortable natural fabrics. Natural color: Let natural color be the normal state of new fashion, choose natural, undyed and other relaxing neutral colors, and add warm and bright colors with optimism to adjust.

  1. Cross-season durability:

With people's engraving on the design of cross-season durability, it focuses on neutral colors and classic all-matches, and emphasizes the value of products.

  1. Subtractive aesthetics: Under the empowerment of intelligence, a new and simplified lifestyle is constantly being born. Focus on creating a simple style to satisfy consumers' desire to absorb healing power from simplicity, and at the same time obtain a sense of comfort and security when going out or at home.

Cotton is soft, light and breathable. It is a natural fiber.

It can be transformed into a plant without intensive chemical processes.

This is one of our favorite fabrics.

With the popularity of drape and fold designs in the market,

Introduce a new sense of volume and interesting surface update this popular point, in order to increase the selling point.

-Fabric: Dense patterns are created by folds and heat setting surface

Rational and compact structure. Optional ecological viscose fiber.

-Version: Add asymmetrical drape and volume to the bubble hem

Feminine temperament and style.

-Applicable categories: woven tops, coats and knitted items.