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Home wear and underwear collections are the focus of fashion during the holidays. Related themes, fabrics and color choices make the charm of clothing extend beyond the holidays.

  1. Choose better materials: Sustainable materials continue to show a gratifying growth trend. Silk underwear has a 3% increase year-on-year in the world, which further improves the quality and value of underwear.
  2. Choose colors that can last forever: classic colors such as neutral colors, pink tones and bronze colors can actually exude lasting charm.
  3. Suit design is the key: According to online keyword search statistics, "home service suit" and "best home service suit" are the fastest-growing search content in the past 30 days (an increase of 5000% compared with the previous period) .

Different from the concept of traditional home wear, FRIEEAH focuses on the selection of products and the comfort of styles.

More and more fashion brands fail to consider the impact of their production on the environment and society.

So from the price point of view, the price of sustainable clothing may be higher. However, we know that the reason for the low price is its low quality or sustainability.

You will buy carefully produced products. When you put on our clothes, you will see and feel some. There is high quality in every part, including design, function and material selection. What is less obvious is our concern for everything involved in production,people and the environment.

New-style homewear: The strong focus on friends and family makes the new-style pajamas stand out, because people want to spend their time at home more warmly. Parent-child and couple-style suits are becoming more and more popular, as well as combined suits for people and pets.